Friday, September 21, 2007

the tour

I thought I would give a quick update on big thing that's about to happen in my life. We're going out on tour this fall with Casting Crowns. Even though the last two years of my life has literally been a constant stream of activity. And when I say literally I mean that in the truest form of the word. Be in all of those shows we've never been on a REAL tour. It's been a show here and there and everywhere. Roach, MO... Tokyo, Japan... Edmonton,Canada...Modesto, CA...Gunstock, NH...Edinburgh,Scotland...Phoenix, AZ...Boise, ID...Atlanta, GA...Chiliwack, Canada... pretty random assortment of locations. We've been to our share of cool... and uncool places. But they've all been amazing and totally apart of God's plan for my life.

Any ways, with that said... the consistency of a bus and an actual tour will be a very welcome prospect. Plus Whitney get's to come for all of it... YAY! That would suck otherwise.

So, I'm saying all this to ask for your prayer. We're playing 36 dates, and we are really believing for God to use us in a big way. To see people saved, for freedom to come to the captives and release for the prisoner. And for me and Whitney to have time alone. :-)

And here is a glimpse of what I'm reading:

Mystery of Marriage - Mike Mason

The Four Loves - CS Lewis

Narnia "The Lion, With and the Wardrobe" - CS Lewis

Illuminated - Matt Bronleewe


*The Blogstar said...

dude. I didn't know you were rockin a blog.

looks rad.

be back...

Kit said...

Actually read four loves a few months ago. Very interesting ideas in it, though none of the major things I came away with had anything to do with the reasons I'd picked the book up! LOL Ah well, they were good points anyway.

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