Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Week Divinely ordered by the Lord

It's been a crazy good week...

-Last Saturday night... Played a show in South Carolina.
-Sunday morning... got two hours of sleep... drove two hours to the airport and flew home to Houston.
-Sunday morning... drove straight from the airport to church service.
-Monday & Tuesday... lead worship at morning and nigh services.
-Wednesday.. played a show in Deer Park.
-Thursday... got up and moved everything upstairs so it wouldn't get flooded. Then we all drove 8 hours to Dallas in a six car caravan.
-Friday... woke up a 3:45Am and went to the airport in Dallas. Flew to Boise, ID and lead played that night.
-Saturday... played another show in Boise.
-Sunday... lead worship at both morning services and then ran straight to the airport...

And God was right smack dab in the middle of all it. This week has been such a blessing. God has spoken to me so much about His presence, destiny, worship, and just HImself in general.

Praise God for being there during the craziness!


Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Wizarding world of Universal

Today we played at Rock the Universe in Orlando. One of my favorite things about these kind of shows is that we usually get an escort to take us around the park. We totally get spoiled because we get to go through the exit and pass up the lines. We feel kind of bad... but... we have fun any ways. Spiderman might have been my favorite; it's a 4-D immerive experience that cost the park $200 Million to build. Also, I hounded our guide with questions about the new Harry Potter park that's coming in 2010. Ok... it's going to be amazing! She said there's going to be new patented technology that's never been used before in theme parks! And JK Rowling herself is helping oversee the creative process. They've only leveled the ground and started building the first attraction (she couldn't tell us what it was... it's all very secretive you see). And it's going to be huge as well... just as big as Universal Studios itself. Wish I had more info... but really it was just a big tease. All Harry Potter fans can appreciate my anticipation. I'm going to be there opening day!



Friday, August 29, 2008

at the airport...

it's become our new home...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Reading for three reasons

You know how we can read books just for the sake of reading them? So we can try to impress others with how smart we are? I've fallen prey to that way too many times and I really can't stand to see it in myself or others. I have three primary reasons for reading 1) Drawing closer to God. 2) Gaining More knowledge of the world around me. 3) To have fun. And impressing people will never be one of them. Because I happen to read things all the time that are altogether unimpressive.

With that said... "The Confessions" certainly falls into the first two categories and at times wanders into the third. I never imagined a book this ancient could be so current. His honesty is comforting and challenging at the same time. It reminds us that sin is very real, and God's grace has always been, and always will be, the means to destroy it.

Here's a couple excerpts of St. Augustine pouring his heart out to God.

"Do not hide your face from Me; let me die so that I may see it, for not to see it would be death to me indeed."

"God, You are most high, excellent, most powerful, omnipotent, supremely merciful and supremely just, most hidden yet intimately present, infinitely beautiful and infinitely strong, steadfast yet elusive, unchanging yourself though you control the change in all things, never new, never old, renewing all things yet wearing down the proud though they know it not, ever active, ever at rest, gathering while knowing no need, supporting and filling and gaurding, creating an nurturing and perfecting, seeking although you lack nothing. You love without frenzy, you are jealous yet secure, you regret without sadness, you grow angry yet remain tranquil, you alter your works but never your plan, you take back what you find although you never lost it; you are never in need yet you rejoice in your gains, never avariocious yet you demand profits. You allow us to pay you more than you demand, and so you become our debtor, yet which of us possesses anything that does not already belong to You?"

Friday, August 22, 2008

I love worship... I hate 4am

So... we just got back from the Hillsong Conference here in Houston. It was amazing worship tonight! I was crying like a baby while we were singing "Hosanna". And "With Everything" was off the charts... God was off the charts. He totally overwhelmed me tonight with His love and His goodness. I love those moments when God sweeps you off your feet and just surprises you once again with how great his love is. Then when I feel the reality of that love all I can do is tilt my head up until my neck hurts... open my eyes and sing through the ceiling and just shout to heaven. This is worship people!

Any of you guys had an awesome worship experience lately? If so... tell us about it. If not, stop what you're doing right now and just tell God how amazing He is. Then begin to live for this incredible God. That's worship.

I've got to pack now and then go to sleep. We've got a 5am call time and that means I have to wake up around 4am. Fun!

Later gaterz.