Friday, October 12, 2007

Heroes - Season 2

All of my favorite super people are back. And Whitney and I are sucked in once again to the unfolding drama. So far, the first few episodes have been amazing. They've introduced some very interesting new characters and complicated the stories of the the ones we know.

If you haven't had the chance, you definitely need to watch it. And yes, there are those who doubted the quality of this show... including my beautiful wife. But luckily I converted her in time to finish the first season, and now we can't miss an episode.

go heroes.


ps. i just paid a pound and fourty five pence for radiohead's new record. so mindboggling.


Ellen Denise said...

your life seems wonderful....

God bles

Ellen Denise said...

Hi again!!!

guy, I luv your music, Leeland is the best band, I listen all the time...