Saturday, May 10, 2008

Birthday Gifts!

Thanks everyone for my gifts! They're all perfect. Turning 23 wasn't so bad after all... :-)

Nice speakers for my laptop! YAY!!!!!!

Across the Universe (Blu Ray)

Pumas - Thanks Leeland!

Reason 4 - YAY!

Gattaca (Blu Ray)

The Prestige (Blu Ray)

The Lyricist's Notebook

The Little Red Writing Book

Planet Earth (Blu Ray)


Dutchess said...

you have a really cool header.
and. i still have a few months before I have to turn 23....are you still alive? do you think I'll make it when the time comes?

Jack & Whitney said...

i'm glad you like your gifts! i love you more than anything! miss you!!!

Nataleigh said...

I like your blog and your band. I did a slideshow of our missions trip to the Philippines to "tears of the Saints" its posted on my blog. Well thanks for your wonderful music and have a great day!!