Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Wizarding world of Universal

Today we played at Rock the Universe in Orlando. One of my favorite things about these kind of shows is that we usually get an escort to take us around the park. We totally get spoiled because we get to go through the exit and pass up the lines. We feel kind of bad... but... we have fun any ways. Spiderman might have been my favorite; it's a 4-D immerive experience that cost the park $200 Million to build. Also, I hounded our guide with questions about the new Harry Potter park that's coming in 2010. Ok... it's going to be amazing! She said there's going to be new patented technology that's never been used before in theme parks! And JK Rowling herself is helping oversee the creative process. They've only leveled the ground and started building the first attraction (she couldn't tell us what it was... it's all very secretive you see). And it's going to be huge as well... just as big as Universal Studios itself. Wish I had more info... but really it was just a big tease. All Harry Potter fans can appreciate my anticipation. I'm going to be there opening day!



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Jacoline said...

ahhhh....I so can feel ya!!! Although I must admit that it will probably cost me a fortune to fly all the way from Amsterdam to Orlando...:-S

But it's nice to know that they are building a Harry potter theme park.