Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Week Divinely ordered by the Lord

It's been a crazy good week...

-Last Saturday night... Played a show in South Carolina.
-Sunday morning... got two hours of sleep... drove two hours to the airport and flew home to Houston.
-Sunday morning... drove straight from the airport to church service.
-Monday & Tuesday... lead worship at morning and nigh services.
-Wednesday.. played a show in Deer Park.
-Thursday... got up and moved everything upstairs so it wouldn't get flooded. Then we all drove 8 hours to Dallas in a six car caravan.
-Friday... woke up a 3:45Am and went to the airport in Dallas. Flew to Boise, ID and lead played that night.
-Saturday... played another show in Boise.
-Sunday... lead worship at both morning services and then ran straight to the airport...

And God was right smack dab in the middle of all it. This week has been such a blessing. God has spoken to me so much about His presence, destiny, worship, and just HImself in general.

Praise God for being there during the craziness!



Kenrick said...

Hey Jack, just wanted to let you know how blessed we all were and me personally hanging out with you guys in Boise. Even despite everything that was taking place at your guys homes you guys were enthusiastic and had positive confession, and were a ton of fun to hang out with. We definitely need to play indoor soccer again when you guys come back. You guys were such a blessing, and I just wanted to let you know how awesome I think you guys are. God Bless you guys, and your church!


irden juca said...

Hi Jack, how are you doing??
I am Junior, the Brazilian guy who met you in Merrillville, in that signing table, I told you guy about the many brazilian fans you got here. I am now in Brazil, but actually, I am living in Illinois. I wanna say thank you for the great concert that day, I knew you guys were a good band, but did not know much about it, I ended up loving your concert, it was really great getting to know you guys live, before listening to your studio albums. I got your autographs, but since a big fan of yours missed the signing moment, I gave mine to her. She got really excited. I see you guys will play in Saint Louis in March, I am very much willing to see ya again in Saint Louis. Hugs to you and be blessed. Much love. Junior

Suat Duman said...

I am a journalist and keep a personal diary of my article. You re nice...
and i like that blog.

amyeli33 said...

dude, you guys played in Boise & didn't tell me? shame on you! :P

amyeli33 said...

i'm just kidding about the last post, btw. :P