Thursday, July 31, 2008

George MacDonald - "Unspoken Sermons"

"Love is one, and love is changeless. For love loves unto purity. Love has ever in view the absolute loveliness of that which it beholds. Where loveliness is incomplete, and love cannot love its fill of loving, it spends itself to make more lovely, that it may love more; it strives for perfection, even that itself may be perfected - not in itself, but in the object. As it was love that first created humanity, so even human love, in proportion to its divinity, will go on creating the beautiful for its own outpouring. There is nothing eternal but that which loves and can be loved, and love is ever climbing towards the consummation when such shall be the universe, imperishable, divine.

Therefore all that is not beautiful in the beloved, all that comes between and is not of love's kind, must be destroyed. And our God is a consuming fire."

George MacDonald (1824-1905) - Scottish Congregationalist pastor, novelist, myth maker, and poet, MacDonald had a profound influence on C.S. Lewis. Lewis said that MacDonald's Phantastes "baptized my imaginiation.

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