Saturday, July 26, 2008

Life is Good

Me and whit are off to Barne's & Noble armed with three gift cards... thanks Lana, Lauren & jason!

I'll post on my purchases when I get back. YAY!!!!


Ok, so we're back and we have quite a few books. here we go... it's a pretty random assortment...

Wrinkle in Time Box Set
(Five Books)

even sawyer's read it...

The Signature of Jesus (Brennan Manning)

The Tale of Despereaux

Aesop's Fables

The Secret Power of Speaking God's Word

The House at Pooh Corner (For our kid's library we're building... and for us too of course.)

Do Hard Things (My friends Alex & Brett Harris wrote this. Giving my boys some support! They had a conversation with Leeland that made the book. Great stuff.)

Deceptively Delicious (Whit is going to try and sneak the good stuff into our food now. :-)

PS. Whit just updated our blog... check it out here.

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Culmer's Thoughts said...

So... what'd you get from BN?